We are glad you stopped by to see us. We are always under development, so be sure to check back frequently for new and exciting information! At AllAboutCare.org our goal is to communicate with the public about HIV/AIDS in our San Joaquin Valley.

All About Care provides practical, emotional, spiritual, and charitable support to people with terminal illness, especially those with HIV/AIDS. We provide information and referral for People with AIDS, their families, and caregiver.

All About Care offers client advocacy, referral for prescription drugs, and legal referrals, in addition to community outreach, education, and speakers. We are able to offer referral for short-term housing assistance and utility payments. Due to giving by friends of All About Care, we are able to offer food, nutritional support, and have established and sponsor support groups for:

  • Women with HIV/AIDS,
  • Children of parents with HIV/AIDS,
  • Mothers of sons or daughters lost to or living with HIV/AIDS
  • Spiritual support.

Additionally, All About Care offers individual counseling, bereavement counseling, phone support, and crisis counseling for women and children.

Cynthia Brazil Karraker
Founder/Executive Director
All About Care/Camp Care