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We are glad you clicked here to help All About Care and Camp Care.

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Our program provides food & gas vouchers, over the counter medications. We also offer practical assistance to women, children, & families affected with HIV/AIDS. I am very proud to say our entire program is at no cost to individual clients or families.

Camp Care for KidsWith your help we can ensure that All About Care never has to turn down a request for help. Put most simply, All About Care & you mean the difference between eating, paying rent, and or utility payments. Your support makes a difference.

I know first hand the terrible toll the disease takes. I lost my dear husband & continue to lose dear sweet people…too many people whose lives have been cut short. As the epidemic continues to spread, the need for All About Care’s support keeps growing.Swimming at Camp Care

Our clients come from diverse backgrounds & live in neighborhoods all over the San Joaquin Valley. We have the wonderful opportunity to enrich their lives & alleviate some stress…which in affect, prolongs their lives. Consider what your gift will mean to a Person with AIDS or a family who depends on us for help.

We are truly making a difference, but All About Care can’t accomplish its mission to People infected & affected with HIV/AIDS without the support of people like you.

On behalf of every one of All About Care’s clients, present & future, I thank you, in advance for your goodwill & for sharing in our project of loving care.

You can click here to donate online with a credit card. Or you can donate by mail.

To donate by mail please send a check or money order (payable to All About Care) to the address below. For more information please call (559) 222-9471.

All About Care
4974 North Fresno Street, PMB #156
Fresno, California, 93726

Wishing you God’s richest Blessing as you make your contribution.

Cynthia Brazil Karraker
Founder/Executive Director
All About Care/Camp Care